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Commercial Property Management Services - Overview

CMG Commercial Property Management 
Responsibilities and Services Overview

Emergency, General, Restorative, and Preventative Maintenance

We conduct routine property and building inspections, as well as on-the-scene evaluation after natural disasters.   These inspections allow us to assess the quality of maintenance the property is receiving, as well as identify and deal with potential problems before they become overwhelming, costly, dangerous, and even litigious.  There is security in knowing there is ready access to responsive 24/7 urgent, ongoing, restorative, and preventative maintenance.  Because we know the importance of upkeep in maintaining the value of a property while keeping costs down, CMG Commercial, utilizes its own maintenance company, CMG Property Maintenance, staffed with highly qualified personnel.

Accounting and Financial Services

General accounting, financial reporting, balance sheets, budgeting, financial analysis, replacement reserves, portfolio management, and accounts receivable/payable services represent the most common needs our clients have.  Whether you need a full range of automated and computerized Real Estate-oriented business and financial services or just a few, they are available. 

Tenant and Community Liaison 

Clear, responsive communication with the tenants and the local community is crucial.  Clients rely on us to handle mundane and delicate issues with accuracy, professionalism, and respect.   As the new Property Management firm for your complex, we will introduce ourselves to the tenants with a package describing who we are, our pledge to maintaining the quality of their business environment, and how to reach our maintenance company and us. 

Special Project Management and Capital Improvements 

Shopping for insurance or handling a claim, needing a routine upgrade, or planning property enhancements and capital improvements can be as much of a headache as an unexpected disaster.  Even if it is redecorating a lobby, our diversely skilled staff is not only able to offer valuable guidance, but also qualified to procure the services needed if not available in-house.  CMG Commercial works with some of the “best in the business,” so we know who to call for competitive bids and expert advice.  Once we are confident a contractor is able to offer skilled, expedient work, a bid has been analyzed and accepted, and any local ordinances, permits, or codes complied with, we can supervise the project from start to satisfactory finish. 


Let us take the personnel load off your hands. We can do the interviewing and hiring of concierge, security guards, superintendents, or other staff, handling uniforms, and payroll.

Special Needs 

Tax issues, town and zoning variances, and litigation are other areas where our network of professionals can be of assistance on an ongoing or per-need basis.

Internet Access

Rental space availability, financial reports, status reports, and other proprietary information can be made available to owners, principals and rental agents via the Internet on a discretionary basis.   Tenants and owners can communicate with us as well as request maintenance repairs online.  We can also provide calendars of events, meetings, and other information important to the tenants and principals on the complex’s own website.  While we do not handle the upkeep of individual websites, however, we can refer you to qualified people who do.

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