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Private Estates Management Services

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CMG’s services for Private Residence Management vary and are custom designed to meet the needs of our clients and their respective properties.  Management services start at $500 per month, six month minimum.  CMG manages and protects the value of your residence while freeing you of the responsibility and required time to manage the property.
Some of CMG’s Private Resident Management services include: 

  • Routine inspections (interior & exterior) at a frequency determined by our clients.
  • Severe weather or emergency related inspections.
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance.
  • Coordination of service providers.
  • Full accounting and budgeting services.
  • Maintenance and Repair programs.
  • Project oversight.
  • Concierge Services
  • Hiring of Domestic Staff

For more information regarding CMG’s Private Residence Management Services or to obtain a proposal, please contact Olof S Nelson at (203) 255-4300 ext. 1312 or email Olof at

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