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Property Management


Consolidated Management Group (CMG)

Providing Property Management Solutions for
Connecticut Properties

CMG has been providing property management solutions for Connecticut condominiums and commercial complexes for over 30 years, and is ready to offer solutions for yours.

While there are some major differences between managing a condominium complex and a commercial building, we pledge the same level of exemplary service no matter the nature or the size of the property.  CMG knows a well-managed, well-maintained property is a joy to everyone, and is also one that continues to appreciate in value.

Community Associations  

Developing a comprehensive, fiscally responsible management plan is fundamental to obtaining community cooperation, respect, and trust.  Continuing to deliver quality, personalized service is fundamental to keeping it.  By maintaining first-class community relations, as well as exceeding client performance expectations, Consolidated Management Group has been cost-effectively managing, maintaining, and improving Managed Communities of all sizes, amenities, and budget levels for over 30 years.  Tailor-making a Property Management Solution for each individual complex assures optimum service within a defined economic parameter.   <more>

Commercial Properties 

CMG Commercial, provides a full range of Landlord Services specifically designed to protect and enhance the value of commercial investment properties.  There are many things that influence the worth of a commercial property, and therefore the value of rentals, ergo, profits.  A safe, well-managed, well-maintained building is appealing to prospective and current tenants, as well as their customers.   An attractive property with top-notch tenancy is also essential to maintaining neighborhood demographic desirability.  Top-dollar rentals and low vacancies combined with efficient property management and effective maintenance means a property that is an asset to the community, with a healthier and heftier bottom line. <more>

Property Maintenance

It can take less than a decade before a poorly maintained property requires replacements and restoration equaling 25-30 percent (or more) of its original cost.  Inflation, tenancy, and demographic changes aside, this is a sobering thought.  Because we understand the importance of timely and quality property care, we created CMG Property Maintenance, our own team of skilled and reliable maintenance professionals whose mission is to safeguard your property.  With a highly competitive contract pricing structure, Investors, Association Directors, Owners, Residents, and Tenants are secure knowing they have ready access to responsive emergency, ongoing, restorative, and preventative maintenance.  <more>


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